Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our team of experienced businessmen and managers will tailor an effective product precisely to you and your needs. You can contact us without engagement and we will send you immediately by return the quotation with respect to your specifications. We are sure you will be satisfied with the quality of our services and you will become one of our loyal and pleased customers. M-credit SK is proud to be a partner for successful businessmen.

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phone: (+421) 915 853 235
skype: mcreditsk
address: M-credit SK, s. r. o., Pivovarská 2, 010 01 Žilina, Slovak Republic
distribution center - warehouse: Trstínska 9, 917 01 Trnava, Slovak Republic


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M-credit SK belongs to the highest class of credit worthiness in Slovakia.

Certificate AA - High creditworthiness

Certificate AA
High creditworthiness.

We are a partner for successful people

Our full service agency ensures that your product is placed, properly marked, marked by POS which will be created, delivered to the point of sale and positioned at the agreed place by us.

We will present your product to the end consumer in a professional way and you will receive a feedback (information directly from the sales outlet, reaction of customers, description of situation in a particular store).

We use the system LimiGo CRM - SFA - complex reporting - for collecting data, reporting and monitoring.

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Merchandising: Communicating about communication

Merchandising is a science. Merchandising is the art. In the sense that there are certain rules that can be broken down into different effects. The main objective is to increase sales is not the case "real" art, but art is to reconcile the possibility of retailer requirements and merchandisers.

Source: Juraj Púchlo,