This effective communication tool at the point of sale means a set of activities which:

  • increase the attractiveness of the offered products,
  • increase the availability of products for customers, make products and the place where they are being sold visible to customers,
  • make the benefits of products visible,
  • include the entire presentation of goods in a shop,
  • underline and reinforce the atmosphere in a shop.

Merchandising is just the way how to use effectively all the marketing tools and even in addition to strengthen consumer relations, whether with international or domestic retail chains.

We provide:

  • merchandising service in agreed stores / visit frequency optimization, knowledge of the surrounding area,
  • placement and positioning of goods, control of the expiration dates, inspection of cleanliness, placement of the label (based on a schedule, merchandising and CM standards, agreed second placement of products),
  • OOS control / SMS reporting / control of the listing / SMS reporting,
  • implementation of recommended orders,
  • negotiation skills when your items (products) are placed on the shelves,
  • defined competences of the supervisors,
  • draft POS materials, production and placement (regularly, seasonally), point of sale reporting (photodocumentation),
  • complex training program and merchandising standards for business and marketing departments.

Sales Promotion

  • covering the whole territory of the Slovak Republic with qualified promoters,
  • draft project and project implementation (food tastings, inedible products),
  • advertising, incentive, sales promotion tastings,
  • setting up a timetable for the entire project,
  • selection and training of promoters,
  • shop inspection supervisors,
  • stands for hire, branding (exhibition stand design),
  • design and making of promo clothing (own make–up artist),
  • production of a company logo, dress,
  • production of promotional materials, gifts for consumers,
  • distribution of stands and material, samples, sampling,
  • photodocumentation and evaluation of tasting campaign (questionnaires, photographs, public inquiries),
  • photodocumentation and reporting on the website within 24 hours of performing an activity.

Events, festivals, exhibitions

  • preparation of the project schedule,
  • separate team for events, festivals, exhibitions (including HORECA team),
  • sampling Business centers,
  • complete production from design, production, implementation, evaluation as required,
  • realizes EventCity s.r.o. team.

Category Management

It involves managing a category (group) of the related products (according to customers, for instance dairy products, sweets, cosmetics etc.). This is a search for ways to increase the efficiency of the product category, i.e. their sale, turnover, margin.

CM serves as a guide for optimal placement of particular products and their arrangement in such a way that they are sold more. This project takes a long time and costs a lot of money and requires good knowledge of the market, marketing theory, world trends in the own field and the capability to communicate with representatives of the international retail chains, as well as the perception of the atmosphere in the shop, shop customers - final consumers.

Sales monitoring

  • price monitoring (price monitoring of certain products in regular intervals),
  • listing monitoring (listing monitoring and monitoring of the listing of the competitors),
  • product monitoring (novelties on the market),
  • monitoring of sale of each product depending on its placement on the shelves,
  • monitoring / MO research directly in accordance with customer needs,
  • quality measurement of distribution (POS evaluation),
  • shopscore audit,
  • collecting data via LimiGo SFA.

External team of business managers

  • a professional team of sales agents, covering the entire territory of the Slovak Republic (CBA, COOP, KAM),
  • a professional team of key account managers - the team of managers for key customers (a specific project),
  • specific targets set for the business team (increase in distribution quota, increase in the availability of given products, monitoring according to requirements, execution of specific activities, individual arrangements (agreed second placement of products) in the shops for the sales promotion,
  • business team development – continuous training for the business team (sales skills, negotiating skills, IT skills),
  • business team works with the PDA / LimiGo SFA (Motorola ES 400) equipment.
  • business team works with mobile device with Android OS, smartphone (merchandiser) and tablet (sales manager).

POS materials logistics

  • distribution of POS, POP materials by own delivery vans (the entire territory of the Slovak Republic),
  • distribution warehouse (Western Slovakia, the planned second distribution warehouse in Central and Eastern Slovakia),
  • covering the whole territory of the Slovak Republic within 48 hours after receipt of POS, POP in our distribution warehouse,
  • storage of POS material in our storage rooms,
  • exhibition and placing of POS, POP at the point of sales,
  • photodocumentation from an event published on the website within 48 hours.

Advertising services

We offer complex services in advertising, strategic planning and creative service:

  • graphic design (logos, design manual, corporate identity),
  • copywriting (professional working with text, creating, finishing, grammatical and stylistic control),
  • webdesign & multimedia,
  • printed (annual reports, brochures, catalogs, folders, magazines, books, packagings, orders),
  • signmaking (light relief and advertising, banners, large format posters, information systems),
  • outdoor advertising,
  • media planning and buying,
  • event marketing (congresses, seminars, fashion shows, receptions, parties, picnics, sporting events),
  • advertising photography (reportage and documentary photography, studio and portrait shots),
  • promotional items,
  • interior design,
  • marketing and communications consultancy.


M-credit SK belongs to the highest class of credit worthiness in Slovakia.

Certificate AA - High creditworthiness

Certificate AA
High creditworthiness.

We are a partner for successful people

Our full service agency ensures that your product is placed, properly marked, marked by POS which will be created, delivered to the point of sale and positioned at the agreed place by us.

We will present your product to the end consumer in a professional way and you will receive a feedback (information directly from the sales outlet, reaction of customers, description of situation in a particular store).

We use the system LimiGo CRM - SFA - complex reporting - for collecting data, reporting and monitoring.